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I earned a Bach of Sci in Mathematics from Texas A&M and got an alternative teaching certification. During my college years I was president of two collegiate organizations and came in 8th place for a state level computer security competition. My original desire was to go into game development but that proved difficult to break into. In pursuing that goal I became a sort of jack of all trades in math, writing, programming, systems design, development cycles, philosophy, etc.
My background is largely education and security. I worked as a tutor for 5 years back in college for a grant funded program and about 8 years concurrently as a private tutor. After that I started working part time for the Texas Dept of Criminal Justice as a security guard to help pay the bills while I looked for another job. 6 years later and I'm now a teacher. There is probably a story there but you'll have to wait for my book to hear that.
In my spare time I like to research modern tech and science. I especially am interested in electrification, space, and automation.  That basically means I follow everything Elon Musk does. Hobbies include gaming, writing, and over thinking things in general. As an example, I once spent nearly a month pacing around contemplating how I would have designed Infamous 2 to better carry forward the plot lines from the original game and have the game mechanics mirror the story for a consistent experience to the player. I have multiple game concepts like this and find it to be a fun way to keep my mind active.
Shoot me an email if you have any questions. Preferably about school and not my game concepts.